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Office 343-344, Stolechnikov Pereylok 11, 107031, Ìîscow, Russia, tel/Fax (495) 258-89-90, 258-89-91

Rambler's Top100
Rambler's Top100
Hotel Consulting and Development Group



The small hotel “Aquarelle” with 23 guestrooms is scheduled to open in the middle of April of this year on Stolechnikov. The hotel is still engaged in staff planning, purchasing of equipment and completion of required operations licenses and documents. Currently, it is difficult to determine the positioning of the new hotel, however the proposed published tariffs of $170.00 including VAT and breakfast already offer some clue as to the orientation of forthcoming hotel facility. Despite its ambitious pricing strategy, the hotel offers a limited amount of additional guest services and amenities. In terms of furnishing, the hotel is equipped with lavishly furnished guestrooms, marble of the highest grade in the lobby, wood panelling and bras fixtures. There is no restaurant for full course meals, but only a few tables in the lobby for breakfast with a seating capacity of 32 guests. Yet the lobby is extremely small, and there is no direct access either traffic arteries Petrovka or Bolshaya Dimitrovka. Guest parking may also pose a problem, since access to the Stolechnikov side street is limited to pedestrians. No underground or alternative parking has been resolved for prospective hotel guests. The exterior appearance of the Aquarelle is reminiscent of the Marriott Royal Aurora, which ironically is located adjacent the hotel. According to the Yuri Kurmitchov, the Manager responsible for the opening of the Aquarelle, the hotel’s proximity to the Marriott should not undermine its ability to attract clients, since the hotel enjoys the most central location in Moscow but offers much more competitive prices and the luxury of richly furnished and spacious guestrooms.

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