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Rambler's Top100
Rambler's Top100
Hotel Consulting and Development Group


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Tourism development support measures abroad… more >>

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Interaction Problems between hotels and tour operators… more >>

Some results at the Coordination Council on Tourism of the Moscow City Government… more >>

The committee on foreign trade activities of Government of Moscow, GAO Moscow will organise a round table discussion on 27.03.03 regarding the development of the Moscow Hotel Market at the Cosmos hotel. Many renowned Russian hotels and related businesses are scheduled to attend this conference, which comprises hospitality businesses from all regions of Russia. The HCD Group has been designated as the information sponsor for this venue.

There will soon be another hotel is scheduled for opening in Moscow on Stolechnikov side-street… more >>

Hotel boom: myth or reality.
Comments from HCD Group with regard to recently announced hotel investment schemes in Russia, as released in the local and national press... more >>

A representative of the HCD Group attended and co-organised a seminar sponsored by the "Society of Russian Appraisers", which focused on valuation techniques used for estimating the market value of hotel real estate in Russia. The seminar was held on February 11-12 at Hotel "Belgrade" in Moscow … more >>

HCD Group was invited at the request of a large Ukrainian operator of commercial centres in Kiev to assist in the development of a new hotel project. The developer, "Real Estate Solutions" has acquired his reputation as a specialist of shopping centres in Kiev under the "Begemot" brand. Other contributors to the implementation of the project include “Elite Business” from Moscow with representation in Kiev and Interfood.

Almost year ago the Moscow City Government enacted Decree No. 99-RR dated 05.02.02, which stipulated that it would sell off its shares in several hotel properties located in the capital. Despite this important decision, there has been little follow-up since and a lack of directive with regard to steps to be taken by buyers in completing the privatisation schemes… more >>

According to information released by the Tourism Committee of the Moscow City Government, the capital recorded 2,204,409 foreign arrivals in 2002, representing an increase of 22% in comparison with the previous year. The Tourism Ministry claims that the strong increase in arrivals is a result of a programme promoting tourism in Moscow and financed by the Moscow City Government budget. In 2002, US $4.54 million were allocated to this programme... more >>

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